Work in Progress!

Meaning, joy, and the human sexual experience are beautiful gifts that have been bestowed on us. They come embedded in intimacy and connection, and strengthen love, trust and the bonds between us.

And so what I’d like to offer you here is something a bit special, that brings these things together. I’m still working out what I want to share and how and with what levels of membership, so for this week, things will be a bit random, and a bit safe.

But I want to emphasize that I really believe that our sexuality is an expression of joy and our path to it. It’s our highest calling, as it brings forth new life, and it’s our deepest pleasure, as we share ourselves in play that links us in lasting, measurable ways.

Playful nods to our sexuality, reminders of the beauty and delightfulness of sexual arousal, are some of the many wonders of our lives. But we also need meaning in our lives as a foundation for our pleasure. And we need to be heroic in our own lives, to fight for the good, to inspire and be inspired, to be bright lights in a too-often dim world.

So with all that in mind, welcome to my website. Please enjoy what you find within!

This is a new site and I’m hoping we can collaborate to make it wonderful for us both! I know I should have a very specific vision for what I’ll be posting, but I think I’d rather be a bit more open at first, and then, in collaboration with you, I can figure out what we like best and what’s most fun!
So leave me comments and let me know what you like!

Below you’ll find an apparently random selection (still figuring out this design-interface) of my posts, videos and text-blog uploads. At the moment the titles/excerpts aren’t showing on this page, so you just have to click on the picture and see where it takes you!