Prison-Planet or Wondrous Garden of Beauty & Joy?

I hear conspiracy-researchers talking about this being a “prison-planet” for souls who’ve been naughty. I hear Flat-Earthers, new-agers & Luciferians, alike, talk about their burning desire to escape this plane of existence & all its misery. And I don’t understand them. I want to drown in the beauty this world has to offer us, soak it in, let it lift me up to intense, emotional, moments that are so sacredly wondrous precisely because of the physical aspect of their effects on me. I listen to this video & I feel tingling run through my body, along my skin. My heart feels heavy and full before bursting with emotion. Sadness, joy, melancholy, nostalgia, but above all, LOVE. The vibrations of the music resonates through my lungs, letting me breathe in & through the beauty. If you think you’re stuck here in a kind of purgatory or hell, you’re watching the wrong videos. Try this one. 💖

Their album, with this track on it, can be purchased here, for quick download.


  1. Awesome!! I love cellos and love U2 song I pressed play before I actually read the name of it and it was such beauty. Thanks Blue 🙂

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