What am I doing here?

I think it’s time we start talking about intimate sex and sensuality. We’re allowing sex, and the intimacy that can come with it, to be destroyed for younger people raised in a world saturated with online porn. Do you know how many 10 year old boys have already watched online porn? Not ‘happy people having sex porn’, or ‘pictures of sexy women’ porn. No. Harsh, abusive, violent porn that treats women as sluts to be damaged for men’s pleasure.

We can keep pretending that everything will be fine if we just don’t think about it, but everything isn’t fine for young people growing up with this. And the only alternative being offered is sterile, technical sex-ed material put together by well-meaning people that’s as stripped of intimacy as porn, as it focuses on the technical details of pregnancy or pleasure in a monotone voice.

And the sex-positive material aimed at young people, from those looking to offer something better, is too often pushing sexual deviance as “normal” and too-often takes the attitude of ‘as long as it feels good it’s okay’. Naive and childish and untrue. Taking heroin might be said to feel good, but there are long-term consequence to be considered. The same goes for some things in sex. I just wonder how much of this is at the root of other societal problems we’re struggling with.

And so I’m hoping to explore intimate sex, sensuality, pleasure, meaning, along with other ideas that I feel compelled to share with you, here.

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